Level Up Your Health With Amla Powder and Honey!

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There is a saying that two heads are better than one, and this is the case in having amla powder and honey together.   

These two ingredients work as a power pack to boost your overall health. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, has amazing nutrients and therefore it is consumed for various health benefits since ages.  

Amla is consumed in various forms like in the form of capsules, juice, powder and raw form as well.

But amla taste is sour and therefore having amla with honey not only just taste better but has amazing health benefits as well.

And today we will discuss the health benefits of amla and honey. But, before we start with the benefits, many people are confused whether it is ok to consume honey with amla juice?

And the answer to this is a big yes. Amla juice is sour and therefore consuming amla juice with honey is a good idea. This is an amazing health drink that can help you treat cold, flu, cough and sore throat.

Here are the benefits of having amla and honey together:

1. Boost digestion process

If you face digestion problems it is best to consume soaked amla in honey as the first thing in the morning or along with some warm water. This mixture releases some gastric juices that further your body in food digestion. Therefore, you can also have amla and honey after finishing your meal. Having amla and honey also increases your metabolism rate and stimulate your appetite.  

2. Treat Blood Sugar Level:

It just takes a slice of soaked amla in honey to improve your blood sugar level. Honey is natural sugar, amla is amazing food to treat diabetes. And therefore having these two ingredients together is beneficial for diabetic patients.

3. Keep your body warm:

The reason it is good to consume amla and honey together during winters because these two help your body to remain warm. Hence amla and honey prevent you from cold, cough, sore throat and flu. Having amla and honey also prevents us from weather changes and the health problems we face in such situations.

4. Treat cold, cough and sore throat:

If you or anyone in your family is facing a sore throat problem then it is best to give the honey and amla. Honey is beneficial to soothe a sore throat and amla has antibacterial properties that can prevent a bacterial infection causing sore.

5. Boost your immunity:

These two ingredients together work as a sword and shield against various health issues. Amla soaked in honey helps to improve your immunity. So, you just need to have amla and honey in the morning to get the maximum benefits. Also, having amla and honey after a meal is beneficial.

6. Treat jaundice and liver problems:

If someone has jaundice, consuming amla and honey can be beneficial for that patient. Amla and honey together help to clean your liver and improve its functioning. Amla and honey also help to balance the bile juice in your stomach that further helps to treat jaundice problems.

7. Cure asthma:

Having amla and honey together is one of the effective remedies to treat asthma. The mixture of amla and honey helps to treat the symptoms of asthma and helps to control Breathlessness, phlegm and wheezing. Having amla and honey helps to cleanse your respiratory tract, and this further helps to ease the breathing process.

8. Get rid of toxins:

If you are looking forward to removing all toxins from your body, then having amla and honey is extremely beneficial. Having amla and honey in the morning helps to improve the functioning of all the organs because it helps to remove all the toxins from the body. Amla and honey are also good for people who want to lose weight.

9. Improve reproductive system:

One of the reasons it is good to have amla and honey is because these two ingredients keep your reproductive health in check. People who are facing infertility issues should definitely add amla and honey in their diet to enhance the quality of sperm and reproductive tissues. Having amla and honey also helps pregnant women to strengthen their uterus.

10. Prevent the signs of ageing

Amla and honey both are rich in antioxidants and this helps to prevent the early signs of ageing. Also, having amla with honey improves your skin quality and promotes new cell growth and skin elasticity. Honey is a good option to prevent pigmentation.

11. Improve hair quality::

Beautiful hair can really add to someone’s natural beauty also you need to eat healthy to achieve good hair. And what can be better than having amla and honey together? Having amla and honey in the morning helps to prevent weak follicles, dryness and premature greying. Amla and honey also help to increase volume in your hair.

It is best to have amla in its raw form, but as we all know it is sour, you should definitely have it with honey.

Make sure that the honey is not adulterated. You can also read some of the reports on the recent quality tests related to honey quality because a lot of big honey brands were found adulterated.

Therefore, we advised you to go for pure honey and then buy amla from the local market and prepare a jar filled with amla pieces and soak in honey.



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