What are the Benefits of Practising Marjariasana Everyday?

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Marjariasana is known as back stretching and cat stretching pose. The meaning of Marjariasana is derived from the Sanskrit language and it is a combination of two words.   

In the Sanskrit language, the meaning of ‘Marjari’ is a cat and the meaning of asana is posture, hence this yoga asana is known as Marjariasana.  

Marjariasana benefits your body to become flexible and provide relief by massaging the reproductive organs of a female, and this further helps to prevent period pain.  

When you practice Marjariasana steps, you do stretching in a similar way a cat does and therefore this asana is known as a cat stretching pose.  

Follow These Marjariasana Steps Every day:

It is important to know the correct way to practice Marjariasana steps so that you get the maximum benefits of cat stretching pose and prevent injuries. 

Keep These Precautions in Mind before you Practise Marjariasana Steps:

Marjariasana Benefits You Must Know:

We hope you find the above information useful and also find the benefits of Marjariasana helpful. Make sure you keep the precautions in your mind and follow Marjariasana steps properly.



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