These 5 Exercises For Disc Bulge Are Best!

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Exercise, mainly when this word pops into someone’s mind most of the people think of losing weight or toned abs, but exercises can play an important role to treat various health problems.   

Most of us go for easy ways, whether it is life or treatments, when it comes to treatment most people do not have the time or patience to go for treatments that require physical activities like exercises and yoga asanas. Hence, people would eat nine to ten tablets in a day but they would not exercise, even if it is possible and safe for them to exercise and do yoga asanas.

Today we will discuss some exercises for disc bulge problem. People who suffer from lower back disc bulges mostly go for medicines and this might reduce their pain, but if they really want to strengthen their spine, disc bulge exercise and yoga asanas are best.  

Most people who come between the ages of 30 to 50 years are prone to lower back disc bulges. And 95% of people who come between the age group of 25 to 55 years are more likely to develop lower back disc bulge.

Then comes people who are above 55 years of age and such people are more likely to develop disc bulge from the middle part of your spine to the upper lumbar spine.  

Lower back disc bulge is more common among people, but this problem can occur anywhere from your neck to the lower back areas.

What are the Symptoms of Disc Bulge?

If the patient experience loss of bladder control or loss of bowel control, it is a sign of a medical emergency and one should not wait for a miracle. You need to seek medical help as soon as you can.

What are the Four Stages of a Disc Bulge?

Why exercise for disc bulge is important to you?

Physical Activities Great for Lower Back Disc Bulge:

Overdo nothing, gently do these physical activities so that you remain active and get proper rest as well.

Note: No matter what, you should always remember that you cannot start any exercise without consulting your doctor. Every person's condition is different and if you want to do exercises for disc bulge problem, you have to take your doctor’s permission.

Practise These 5 Exercises for Disc Bulges Every Day:

You can also try other exercises and yoga asanas like cobra stretch, but only after taking permission from your doctor or physiotherapist. These exercises for disc bulges are great to improve the flexibility of your spine and to strengthen your spine muscles.



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