How to Get Rid of Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica can be a really disturbing ailment if not treated on time even some of the simple physical activities can become a hell of a task like sitting, waking because of the needle-like pain. If you are diagnosed with a sciatica problem, make sure you follow the treatment without any delay. More delay means more inflammation and irritation. .. 

These 5 Exercises For Disc Bulge Are Best!

Exercise, mainly when this word pops into someone’s mind most of the people think of losing weight or toned abs, but exercises can play an important role to treat various health problems... 

Things You Should Know Related To Herniated Disc!

Today we will discuss some of the important points related to herniated disc symptoms, signs of a herniated disc, and the causes of a herniated disc. Also, people who do not know what is a herniated disc? will get to know about the problem... 

How to Improve L3 and L4 Condition?

There are many disc problems and one of the most popular problems is degenerative disc disease. It is a problem related to the lumbar spine... 

These Three Signs Are Related To Slipped Disc or Disc Bulge

If you are someone who is suffering from back and do not know the underlying cause of your back pain, then the information we are going to share can be helpful for you... 

Five Effective Slip Disc Treatments without Surgery!

It is best to go for treatments that can help to recover without any medicines. And what can be better than exercises?... 

These Three Exercises Help To Treat Herniated Disc Problem

If you are suffering from a lumbar herniated disc problem then, this blog can be helpful for you. Today we will talk about three exercises to avoid herniated disc problem... 

What are the Benefits of Practising Marjariasana Everyday?

Marjariasana is known as back stretching and cat stretching pose. The meaning of Marjariasana is derived from the Sanskrit language and it is a combination of two words... 

What is Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease? - Symptoms and Treatments

When it comes to spinal disorders, people sometimes get confused because there are many spine related problems that people are unaware of... 

Things You Need To Know About L4 and L5 Vertebrae!

The L4 and L5 spinal motion segments in the lowest vertebrae of the lumbar spine. These two segments do various types of work like allowing your upper body to do the trunk motion in various directions, l4 and l5 vertebrae work as a support to the upper part of your body... 


Level Up Your Health With Amla Powder and Honey!

There is a saying that two heads are better than one, and this is the case in having amla powder and honey together... 


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